Write For IIBrand

Interested in contributing a beautiful piece of content? If you are then I definitely want to know.

I’m now on the lookout for valuable guest contributors to help me grow the audience of this blog as I struggle to find the time to post content myself.

What you get for blogging on IIBrand:

Two (Dofollow) backlinks back to your website – Yes I’m happy to reward you with backlinks for the hard work you put into your guest contribution. This blog is has a DA of 37 so you will receive some powerful authority back to your main website.

Increased exposure – IIBrand is a authoritative blog and with that it receives a fair amount of traffic. Contributing content will help you to increase your exposure and get your name out there more.

Basic rules to follow:

I’m not too strict with guidelines here on IIBrand but you do need to follow a few basic rules…

No spammy links – I won’t accept any links that are pointing to either irrelevant or dodgy domains. Simple as that.

Actionable and tips based content – I’m a big fan of content that provides key takeaways for the audience. I would like to have tips based articles on branding and digital marketing for guest contributions as this tends to be what people respond to best.

No swearing – Please don’t use foul language in your guest post. This is a family-friendly blog so no profanity please!

Please send through your guest content ideas to George@iibrand.com. I’ll typically reply within 24 hours but if not it’ll definitely be within three days.