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Building Your Brand As An Affiliate

Affiliate marketing and branding aren’t terms that you see being put together too often. Most affiliates that build niche websites don’t make the effort to build a brand or establish themselves as authorities in their particular area of expertise. If you own affiliate marketing websites you should definitely look into how branding can make your site the go to site in your chosen niche. We’ll explore this topic in this article.


Affiliate’s are potentially missing out on a lot of traffic, leads and sales by completely neglecting branding.

After all, what’s branding all about?

Separating yourself from the competition by providing and unique selling point.

Your brand is the difference between you and the competition. It’s what separates the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. If you don’t establish yourself as a brand then why should someone invest their time on your website when they can read your competition’s content instead?

People don’t realise that many big internet brands are just affiliate’s with a twist.

You guessed it, the twist is that they’ve established their brand in the marketplace. They’re recognised for their brand, not for their affiliate marketing strategies.

In most cases, people don’t even know that these brands are nothing more than glorified affiliates. They don’t make any of their own products. They just provide value and help recommend the best products and services for you to buy.

Compare the market is a big brand comparison website in the United Kingdom. They provide a service that allows yo you to compare things like credit cards, loans, house and car insurance and the list goes on. Compare the market is instantly recognisable in the UK because of their meerkat branding…

Compare the market provides value in two big ways.

The first thing is that they provide a comparison tool that helps you find a better deal on things like insurance, loans and broadband.

People that are in the market for any of these things usually start with a price comparison websites like Compare The Market.

The second thing is that they provide useful guides on the things they compare and they package this in a way that is fun and easy on they eye. They openly state that things like car insurance are boring so they put a unique twist on things by making the boring bits fun and the complicated things simple…

By approaching a boring topic in a unique way they differentiate themselves from the competition.

There are plenty of price comparison websites out there, competition is fierce in the marketplace for these businesses.

Things like meerkat’s really help with remembering a brand. A funny talking meerkat is more likely to stick in your head than a man talking about comparing insurance (yawn).

A culmination of a variety of factors like great content, comparison tools and USP’s help websites like Compare The Market separate themselves from the competition and generate huge amounts of traffic to their brand sites.

Takeaway For Affiliates

Affiliate’s have been looked at in a bad light for a few years now with many people assuming that Google hates affiliate marketers. This just isn’t true. Google hate’s shit affiliate’s, people that produce crap content so they can rank and make money, without caring about quality and actually helping people out.

Branded affiliate sites are the way forward. Make an effort to separate yourself from the competition by going above and beyond what other people in your niche do.

Affiliate marketing has evolved. You better believe it! You need to have the ability to adapt and flow with the changes or you may end up getting left behind.

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