Hey beautiful people! My name is George, welcome to my website!

A bit about me: 

This is the first blog I’ve created. My background is in all things digital marketing. I studied economics at university but quickly realised that it wasn’t for me, so I decided to change my degree to marketing and i’ve never looked back. University taught me some great things about marketing but I don’t believe it is the best place to learn about it. Marketing is constantly changing and evolving in our digital world and unfortunately the educational institutions cannot keep us with this.

By the time I completed my degree, most of the things I had learnt had become outdated. Cutting a long story short, I basically had to learn digital marketing like it was something new. What I discovered is that learning by doing is the best way to master things. Its just like in business, you don’t succeed as an entrepreneur by studying entrepreneurship. You succeed by putting yourself out there and failing forward, learning lessons and making progress.

I’ve worked on the branding side of digital marketing for the last five years and will be sharing some of the things i’ve learnt on my journey on this blog.

Now a little bit about IIBrand:

IIbrand was conceived to help startup business owners launch their brand and really kick-start their digital marketing campaigns by empowering them with awesome tips and advice on how to approach marketing online. The internet can be very misleading, especially when it comes to successfully marketing a business online, things like search engine optimization and traffic generation are highly complex subjects that are often confusing for the budding business owner. Part of the reason i’ve created iibrand was to dissect some of the complex information out there and break it down into little bite-sized chunks that are easy for newcomers to understand. We believe that ranking a website and being successful with digital marketing should be something that is accessible to everyone, not just the expert online marketers.