5 Ways To Generate More Leads For Your Online Business

Forget about your products and services for a minute. Lets focus on what really matters in your business.

You know, the thing that keeps your company going month after month.

You can have the best product in the world but if no-one knows about it you’ll still fail.

On the flip side, you can have an average product but if you market it well you’ll still sell by the boat load.

Lead generation is the back bone of any business. Period.

Those who generate quality leads consistently are the winners in the world of business. This method doesn’t only apply to business. It can apply to every field of your life!

(If you’re completely new to the world of online business, have a look at this comprehensive article covering the foundations of starting an online business from scratch. Similarly if you’re curious about what online business opportunities are out there you can find an extensive list of online business ideas here.)

Here are five ways you can generate more leads for your online business:

Engage With Your Leads 

Directly engaging with your prospects should be one of your top priorities.

Many businesses go with in-direct methods of engagement, such as FAQ’s. This isn’t a good way to engage with people.

Directly engaging with your customers are things like live chat, forums and help centres. Places where real people are on hand to support your customers in real time.

Better engaged customers means more recommendations for your business. More recommendations means more customers and ultimately more money!

Leverage Outbound & Inbound Marketing

Outbound marketing has been proven to be more effective than inbound marketing, this doesn’t mean you should neglect inbound marketing though. Look at using both methods in a balanced way to increase the leads you generate in your business.

For inbound marketing, personalise your emails by taking advantage of marketing automation systems. Also make an effort to solve customer problems. This will help you establish a level of trust with your customer as well as generate more leads.

Use Twitter To Find Leads

Twitter can be a great source of leads for your business. There are systems out there that can help you with your lead generation efforts on social media platforms. Followerwonk is one of them. This service gives you the ability to analyse information about Twitter profiles, allowing you to reach the audience related to your niche and help you find the influencers in your industry.

Create Outstanding Content

Content marketing is the new way to build up a following of raving fans for your business. If you aren’t blogging in 2017 then you’re crazy. You’re literally missing out on 90% of your leads if your company doesn’t have a blog.

You need to create content that is informative and actionable. Big key takeaways work very well in the blogging world.

High quality content can be an amazing asset for your business. So much so that the buzzword of 2016 in the SEO and content marketing world was “linkable asset”. This basically entails creating a piece of content that is just so damn good, people can’t help but share it.

Start Guest Posting

Guest posting is a great way to leverage the following of other companies and yourself in front of them.

  • There are a few things worth noting before you start guest posting:
  • Your articles must be relevant to the audience.
  • You send people back to a relevant landing page on your website.
  • Your post contains unique information that provides value.


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